The first half of the stage adaptation (a la NICHOLAS NICKLEBY)
of the novel by Charles Dickens. Set in 18th century London and
the surrounding countryside, BARNABY RUDGE is the story of
the simple-minded Barnaby and his mother, endangered by a
mysterious Stranger. An unsolved murder from the past pulls
four young lovers from four families into deception, danger, and
desire. Dickens' social satire, humor, and humanity are splashed
onto the Herbst stage, as fourteen actors play over thirty

Wright State University's
Department of Theatre Arts, Dance, and Motion Pictures
Barnaby Rudge:
Part One - 1775
by Charles Dickens
Adapted  and Directed by Bruce Cromer
Ryan Wolf, Stage Manager   ****   Bethany Perhach, A.S.M.
June 3 & 4, 2011, at 8 p.m.,
and June 4 & 5, 2011, at 2 p.m.
Herbst Theatre
Creative Arts Center
Wright State University
Cast of Characters
At the Maypole Inn:
John Willet - slow, burly, and obstinate landlord of the Maypole
Joe Willet - his son, in love with Dolly Varden, twenty years old,
broad-shouldered and strapping
The Stranger - sixty or so, scarred cheek, bearded, meanly and poorly clad
Tom Cobb - general chandler and post-office keeper
Phil Parkes - the ranger, tall and long
Solomon Daisy - parish clerk
Hugh - hostler at the Maypole, athletic with gigantic strength

At the Warren:
Geoffrey Haredale - owner of the estate, brother to Emma’s murdered father
Miss Emma Haredale - daughter of the late Reuben Haredale, in love
                                                    with Edward  Chester

At the Varden’s Locksmith Shop, in Clerkenwell:
Gabriel Varden - locksmith, plump and comfortable, past the prime of life
Martha Varden - his difficult wife
Dolly Varden - their beautiful and flirtatious daughter
Simon (“Sim”) Tappertit - ‘just’ twenty, Gabriel’s diminutive but
                  majestically-minded apprentice, in love with Dolly
Miggs - Martha Varden’s servant, in love with Simon Tappertit

In London:
Mrs. Mary Rudge - Barnaby’s mother,  widow of the murdered steward of
            the Haredale house
Barnaby Rudge - the twenty-three year-old simple-minded son of Mrs. Rudge
Grip - Barnaby’s pet raven
Sir John Chester - Edward’s father, enemy of Geoffrey Haredale, past
the prime of life,  slim and upright in figure (if not in character)
Edward (Ned) Chester - son of Sir John, in love with Emma Haredale
Peak - John Chester’s servant
Stagg - blind “follower” of Simon Tappertit
various ‘Prentice Knights - Mark Gilbert (a hosier’s apprentice), etc.
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Mrs. Rudge/Second Apprentice/Parkes/Narrator
Tess Talbot
Chrissy Bowen(U/S)

Daisy/Grip/Mark Gilbert/Narrator
Aziza Macklin
Chelsey Cavender (U/S)

Emma/Cobb/Third Apprentice/Narrator
Kelly Brumbach  
Nicole Tompkins (U/S)

Becca Frick
Michelle Weiser (U/S)

Stephanie Tucker
Elizabeth Wellman (U/S)

Mrs. Varden/Apprentice/Narrator
Lauren Deaton
Cyndii Johnson (U/S)
Mathys Herbert

Simon Tappertit/Narrator
Cameron Blankenship

Gabriel Varden/Apprentice/Narrator
Tyler Edwards  

Ben Miller

Zach Schute

Ben Street

Greg Mallios

Bruce Cromer