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If you are a graduate or a current student or a former professor or employee or just a survivor of the Wright State Theatre Department,

This web-site is intended to link up the generations of Dance, Motion Picture, Design/Technology, Theatre Studies, Acting and
Acting/Musical Theatre students (and their former faculty members), and share information.  Information needn't be about professional
successes, though bits of personal experience within the Biz are helpful to current students.  Feel free to note in our Guestbook about
whatever you're doing, how you're feeling, if you need some good vibes sent your way, etc.  It's a lonely world, at times, so let us all offer
some kind words of sympathy, consolation, understanding, and --- a must --- humor!!!

As the site improves and expands, keep checking-in; e-mail your feedback and suggestions.  Please sign the Guest Book and leave your
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 And check out (and suggest more) links to professional organizations, unions, theatres, dance companies, film schools, etc.
Best wishes now and always,
Bruce Cromer
In Memoriam ---
Byron Bellamy ('79, D/T)
Michael Bertin (Acting)
Royce Berman
Cletus Biersack ('75, Theatre Education)
Steve Bolte (Acting)
Evelyn Breckenridge (Motion Pictures)
Kelly Clark (Acting)
John Coutrado ('85 Acting)
Blaine Evans (Dance)
Charlie Finneran (Acting)
Pam Heil (Acting)
Doug Heiselman (Motion Pictures)
Mary Kessler ('75, Theatre Studies)
Melissa Schlosser King ('86, Acting)
Lisa Klingbiel (Acting)
Rebecca Lamb (Acting)
Pete Ludlow (Theatre Studies)
Kristin Mausling Plummer ('98, Design/Tech)
Wendell Meier ('79, D/T)
Bill Morse ('78, Acting)
Bill Partlow (Acting)
Doug Rabaja (Dance)
Kip Rookstool
Eric Spahr ('76, Acting)
Carol Trevino ('06, Motion Pictures)
Greg Trimble (Motion Pictures)
Ben Wackerman (Theatre Studies)
Kathy White (Motion Pictures)
Ed Wilkerson (Acting)
Brad Winters (Acting)
Ryan Wright ('07, Design/Tech)
The unofficial Web Page for all Wright State University  
Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures  grads,
current students, faculty and staff, former faculty and staff, and
the multitudes who have passed through the halls without
receiving a diploma...
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In 2007, Bruce Cromer ('81 BFA Acting) contacted
PATP Alumni from 1987-2007, via e-mail and this
site, to ask what they've done and how their training
helped or hindered them...  Click on the link above to
see what they wrote.  And thanks to all who
responded with such honesty and care!!!

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Lydia Bianchi (2011, Acting):
Natalie Bird (2005, Musical Theatre):
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Ebony Blake ('02, Musical Theatre):
Donna Blanchard ('87, Acting):
Nancy Bleisch-Heater  ('92-95, Acting):
Steven Bognar (Mo-Pix):
Paul James Bowen ('90, Acting): pauljamesbowen@gmailcom
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Matthew Brennan ('03, Musical Theatre):
Tim Brown ('89, Acting):
Tim Browning (90s, Acting):
Eric Byrd ('09, Musical Theatre):
Alesia Campbell Hollinger ('87, Dance):
Sharon Campbell ('85, Acting):
Chris Carpenter ('95, Acting):
Evelyn Case '80, Acting):
Dustin Charles (Rettenmund) ('03, Acting):
Paul Christman ('88, Th. Studies and Music):
Charlie Clark ('94, Acting):
Heather Clark (Wahl) ('99, Dance):
Kristin Clippard ('01, Acting):
Scot (Tannreuther) Colford:
Bruce Collier ('77, Acting):
Cedric Collier ('88, Design/Tech):
Penny Collins ('87 Acting) ):
Gretchen Coleman (Clark) ('94, Acting):
Jeri Combs ('87, Dance):
Denise Conrad (would have been '92, D/T):
Jamie Conte (Sanders) ('98. Design/Tech):
Jonathan Conver ('01, Musical Theatre):
Pat Coughlin ('95, Design/Tech):
Todd Courson ('95, Acting):
Jodi Crawford ('97, Acting):
Sandi Crews (current Acting Prof.):
Bruce Cromer ('81, Acting)
Kevan Curren '('81, Acting):
Lenny Daniel ('89, Dance):
Michael Dauer ('07, Dance):
Adrian Davidson ('92, Design/Tech):
Joe Deer (current MT Prof.):
Joshua Denning ('01, Musical Theatre):
Charles Derry (former Motion Pictures faculty):
Daniel Devlin ('83-87):
Brigitte Ditmars ('98, Acting):
Alana (Dodds) Sharp ('95, Acting):
Jerome Doerger ('09, Musical Theatre):
Marilyn Dryden ('85, Acting):
Jim Dubensky ('89, Acting):
Gayle Duplinski-Garrison ('87, Directing/Stage Management):
Mandy Eaglen ('97, Acting):
Julie Marie Eberhart ('02, Musical Theatre):
Courtney Ell ('98-'99 Musical Theatre):
Peter Ellis ('96, Theatre Studies):
Emily Elsener-Duguay ('01, Musical Theatre):
Eric Engdahl (former  Acting faculty):
Andrew Estevez ('97, Motion Pictures)
Chris Ensweiler ('93, Acting):
Diane Fairchild ('95, D/T):
Martin Fahrer ('89, D/T):
Behn Fannin ('01, Motion Pictures): behnfannin@hotmailcom
Marco Fargnoli ('92, Motion Pictures):
Mary (Hemmert) Farmer ('86, D/T):
Nikki Ferry (2001, Acting):
Pete Ficht ('86, Directing):
Lauren Finnan ('03, Musical Theatre):
Adrea Fletcher ('99, Acting):
Billy Flood ('02, Musical Theatre):
Ned Folkerth ('88, Acting):
William Fulmer ('90, Acting):
Dayve Gabbard ('91, Acting):
Tina Gasparra ('94, Acting):
Stacy Gear ('92, Dance):
Brian Givens ('99, Acting):
Georgiana Gomez (around '96, Motion Pictures):
Mallory Good ('06, Musical Theatre):
Shawn Graham (1 yr. - '89):
Jessica Graves Ripley (Acting):
Veronica Green ('98, Dance):
Lauren Gribble ('05, Musical Theatre):
Samantha PJ Gruber ('93, Acting):
Jennie Gustafson:
Brian Hall (2000ish, Theatre Studies):
Lance Hammond ('91, Acting)
Amy Handra (Acting):
Stephen Hanthorn (2010, Acting):
Greg Hardin (one short year in the early 90s):
Matt Harding ('98, Acting):
Michael Hargis ('85, Directing):
Bevan Michael Haynes ('07, Mus. Th.):
Erin Haynes ('03, Musical Theatre):
Byron Hays ('78, Acting):
David Heath (faculty and student, in the 70s):
Jen Henson (Dance): fyrdancer3@hotmailcom
Mark Hess ('07, Acting):
Bob Hetherington (former faculty):
Terry Hibdon (early 90s, Acting):
Jessica M. Higgins ('04, Dance):
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Jessica Holmes (2004, Acting):
Brent Holten ('86, Acting)
Kristi Horvath ('08, D/T, Stage Management):
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Brent E. Huffman ('03, Motion Pictures):
Kate (Huser) Santucci (Design/Tech):
Joe Janes ('85-ish):
Jennifer Joplin ('94, Acting):
Beau Karch ('90-96, Promotions Manager):
Karla Kash ('97, Acting):
Jonah Keel ('00, Acting):
John Kestner (Motion Pictures):
Scott Kimmins ('92, Design/Tech):
Jovan King ('07, Acting):
Ann Klosterman-Spanier  ('93, Acting): aklosterman@hotmailcom
Kevin Kramer ('00 Motion Picture):
Krista Kurtzberg ('02, Musical Theatre):
Janine Kyanko ('00, Acting):
John-Michael Lander (2001, MT):
Kristin Larsen ('05, Acting):
Chris Lauricellla ('93, D/T):
Heather Michele Lawler (would've been '05, MT):
Todd Lawson ('95, Acting):
Peter Leinweber (Acting)
Amanda Lindsay ('00):
Jake Lockwood ('91, Acting):
Staci N. Loer ('02, Dance):
Trina Mariano (would have been '92, Acting):
Laine Marr ('03, Design/Tech):
Kristin Mausling ('98, D/T):
Connor McBride ('96-98, Design/Tech):
Ingrid (Laura) McCartney ('78-81, Acting):
Josh McEwen (2000):
Bill McKinley ('84, Acting):
Anthony McKinney ('91, Acting):
Kyra McKinney:
Brian McKnight ('98, Acting):
Jeff McLane ('90-92, Acting):
Troy McLaughlin ('99, Design/Tech):
Greg McMahan ('84, D/T):
Mike Miller ('81, Design/Tech):
Kate Mitchell ('95, Design/Tech
Carrie Monnin ('93, Dance):
Nicolette Montana (Musical Theatre):
Melissa Montgomery ('05, Musical Theatre):
Meghan Moore (Acting):
Lisa Morabito ('02, Acting):
Alix Morelle ('93, Motion Pictures):
Geoff Moss ('99 Design/Tech):
Mark Mozingo ('05, Acting):
Mark Nash ('94, Dance):
Christie Nash Hubbard ('93-96, Acting):
Evan Nesbit ('89, Motion Pictures):
Jeff Newman ('09, Acting):
Tim Nevits ('98, Theatre Studies):
Sara Nichols (2007, Design/Tech):
Eric Nielsen (former Dance Area Coordinator, 70s):
Melinda Nipp Moniz (1 yr. in early 90s, Acting):
Shannon Lynn Norton ('98, Dance)
Erica Noschang ('02, Acting):
Ashley Nugent (2001, Acting):
Shannon Wagner (O'Brien) ('92, Acting):
Jamie O'Brien (Acting):
Kris Micheal OHoro ('85, Theatre Studies):
Katrina Oost ('89 Acting):
Sharise Parviz ('99, Acting):
Thomas Paxitzis ('80, Acting):
Michelle Peck ('02, Acting):
Yashira Perez ('02, Musical Theatre):
Brandon Perkins ('02, Musical Theatre):
Doug Perucca ('84, Dance):
Annie Pesch ('04, Acting):
John Pieza ('95, Acting)
Beth Popelka ('98, Actin
Marianne Porter ('01, Actin
Jackie Prete ('76, Theatre):
Jude Gerard Prest ('85, Acting):
Amanda R. Presz ('06, Musical Theatre):
Michael Raderstorf ('01, Musical Theatre):
Natasha Randall ('01, Actin
Cathy Raymond (Stage Managemen
Courtney Reed ('07, Th. Studies):
Laura (Longest) Reed (Acting):
Marcia Reinhard ('85, Acting):
Dustin  Charles Rettenmund ('03, Acting):
Ian Rhodes ('02, Musical Theat
Paul Rhyand ('01, Acting):
Stephanie  Cason (Richards) ('01, Musical Theatre):
James Riemer ('91, Acting):
Adam Rihacek ('05, Acting):
Chad Robison ('02, Acting):
Victor M. Rodriguez ('84-86, Acting):
Sarah Rossi-Durham (2000, Theatre Studies):
Lisa Roth ('94, Acting):
Melissa Russell ('03, Musical Theatre):
Kevin Salem ('94, Design/Tech):
Patrick ('90 D/SM) and Kate Santucci:
Susan Schaner ('82, Directing):
Stephanie Schrock (02, DT/SM):
Shayna Schwartz (2000, Dance):
Jane Serova ('00, Dance):
Samantha Servais ('04, Musical Theatre):
Irene Imboden (Sheldon) ('93, Th. Ed.):
Amelia Sheperd (Lefevre)  ('04, Musical Theatre):
Brian Shoemaker ('02, D/T):
Jeffrey L. Shivar ('87, Theatre Studies):
Nichol Simmons ('98, Motion Pictures):
Mary Alice Skalko ('03, Acti
Sarah Stair ('05, Musical Theatre):
Amy Stoner ('88-90, Dance):
Charla Smith-Steward ('02, Acting):
Telcie Jo Smith ('03, Dan
Joshua Jon Smith:
Jen Smul Hall ('92, Acting):
Jessica S. Smith ('95, Design/Tech):
Philip Smyth (Acting):
Amber Sowers ('02, TH ST):
Ben Spadafore (2001, Acting):
Sarah Stair ('05, Musical Theatre):
Dustin Sterling ('02, Acting):
Amy Stoner ('88-90, Dance):
Jimmy Straley ('02, Acting):
Terry Stump ('77, Design/Tech):
David Sullivan ('90, Design/Tech):
Aaron Swisher:
Sean Szaller (Musical Theatre):
Scot (Tannreuther) Colford:
Kara Teolis ('97, D/T S.M.):
Colette Thomas ('07, Musical Theatre):
Michael Thomas ('85, Acting)
Zach Thomas ('95, Acti
Stephanie Thompson ('05, Acting):
Stephen Joshua Thompson ('05 Musical Theatre):
Sarah Thornton ('06, Acting):
Carrie Thurston (Stage Management):
J.J. Tiemeyer (2009, Musical Theatre):
Karen Tirpak ('85, Acting)
Stef Tovar (Acting):
Shaun Tubbs ('02, Acting
Linda Tucker ('79, Acting):
Sallyann Turnbull ('07, DT/SM):
Jamie Tuss ('06, DT/SM): jamie.tuss@gmailcom
April Uzarski ('03, Acting):
Lisa Varchol ('98, Acting):
Aaron Vega ('04, Musical Theatre):
Nicholas Verina ('05, Musical Theatre):
Jim Volz ('75, Theatre Studies):
Mark Ward ('85, Acting):
Tony Weaver ('05, Acting):
Matthew Weber ('81-83, Acting):
Liz Wheeler ('04, Musical Theatre):
Thomas Whelan ('80, Directing):
Andrew Whitmer ('00, Theatre Studies):
Jennifer Wilcox ('97, Design/Tech):
Lora Wilson ('94, Acting):
Dionysia Williams ('06, Musical Theatre):
Monica Williams ('98,Acting):
Terry Woody-Desch (Acting):
Gary Woodruff ('92, Design/Tech):
Michael L. Yowell (Theatre Studies):
Logen Zimmerman ('01, Motion Pictures):
Michelle Zimmerman ('94 Acting):
Erica Zintek ('06, Acting):
Linda Yerina Zuby ('80, Acting):

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“Dancing with the Stars” champ Nicole
Scherzinger is former Wright State
acting student

Wright State alumna Nicole Scherzinger won the
“Dancing with the Stars” mirror ball trophy May
25 on the popular ABC television reality show.

Scherzinger defeated Olympic ice skating gold
medalist Evan Lyscacek and ESPN sports
reporter Erin Andrews in the 10th season finale.
Her professional dance partner in the
competition was Derek Hough.

During the reality show, she was consistently
among the top vote getters and was the first to
earn a perfect score of 30 during the
competition. One of the judges said on more
than one occasion that she was the best dancer
they have ever had on the program.

Scherzinger, 32, was an acting major during her
years at Wright State in the late 1990s. She
starred in Wright State plays and musicals before
leaving her college career to pursue her singing

“Nicole was one of those exceptional students in
our acting program--a natural triple threat with
excellence in singing, dancing and acting,” said
Stuart McDowell, Ph.D., chair and artistic
director for Wright State’s Department of
Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures. “What
you see in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is the
precision of Nicole’s dance expertise, her style,
her presence, her technique, her discipline.

"What you don’t see is her range as an actress. I’
m certain she could make it in films, or on the
Broadway stage,” McDowell said. “I’m not
surprised that she won. Nicole is a special talent
and one of the hardest working performers I
have ever known.”
2013 Film Directing Workshop Students
and Faculty
- February 8, 9, and 10
Some of the
2013 Graduating Seniors
at the Dept. of Theatre Arts, Dance,
and Motion Pictures Picnic
Wright State Theatre's
Regional Premiere of Lillian Groag's brilliant


opens January 30
in the Festival Playhouse

"…a real tour de force…absolutely
worth seeing…" —Philadelphia

"This is a full-bodied drama, not
minimalist or spare. The characters
are flamboyant, the scenes are old
fashioned and fully realized…It is
three hours of delicious theatre…" —

"…considerable and wrenching
power…" —Washington Post